Well, hello again! I'm back after few months of being busy at work. I have started working in the office now as a site nurse. Therefore, I wasn't able to update any latest blog post.

However, I was able to have one week leave and visited Hong Kong and Macau. I thought I needed to share my experience and how much budget I used in order to suffice the 7 days 7 nights stay at Hong Kong and Macau.

Take note, I'm not sure if this travel is budget friends. But based on my friends opinion it was good already. So, I will be listing down the airfare, accommodation, attractions, transportation fee, miscellaneous expenses, and anything that I purchased in both countries.

But before that, here are 10 travel and budget tips you could use when visiting Hong Kong and Macau:

1. Always be vigilant with promo fares by Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. Better book in advance because fares are cheaper. Subscribe to their newsletter or Facebook page. Plan your trip in advance.

2. Download Booking.com app. You can book hotels, or hostels in advance, and just pay at the hotel. No need to use your credit card. Prices of accommodations are cheaper here compared to other hotel booking apps.

3. Download Klook app. These app offers great discounts in availing different attractions, wifi, transportation, or anything related to your travel. They offer as much as 60% discounts. You'll be able to save a lot.

4. When purchasing attractions or booking a hotel. Use the local currency of the country you are visiting especially when paying using your CC or Debit Card. The amount will be 10% lower compared to purchasing using Philippine Peso.

5. Purchase a octopus tourist card when visiting Hong Kong. It can be use for purchasing different items, for bus fare, MTR fare, etc. Also it offers discounts rather than having a single journey card.

6. Bring your own coffee, and snacks so you'll be able to save money. Bring an adapter for charging. Also bring your own water bottle for touring around Hong Kong. Saves you a lot from buying HKD 6-8 worth of water.

7. You can have your drinking bottles refilled at Hostels. They offer free water just like in Lucky Hostel and Ah Shan Hostel

8. It is a must to purchase a sim card with unlimited Wi-Fi access. It is quite useful when going to your destinations. Hong Kong streets are quite confusing.

9. Bargain at Mongkok Ladies market, you can get the cheapest price with your haggling skills. Also, you can here the currency exchange that offers PHP 1000.00 for HKD145.

10. From Macau airport or Ferry Terminals, you can ride a hotel shuttle service for free. Just choose the 5-star hotel nearest to you hotels. Saves you from travel expense.

There! I've already shared the 10 tips you need to remember when preparing or travelling to Hong Kong or Macau on a budget basis.

Now, let me share you to the expenses we had so, you'll have a greater picture of possible expenses.

The total expenses for this trip was about PPH 59,779.68 pesos good for 3 people ( 2 adults and 1 child) So, it's like almost 20,000 per pax. Though you are able to visit most of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong and Macau for 7 days.

Here are our discounted vouchers at Klook with a total of HDK 487.6 (PHP 3159.74)

I used HKD 11.1 discount by using Klook Credit points. :) 

Ngong Ping 360 - Standard Cabin One-way Ticket


I used HKD 7.2 discount by using Klook Credit points. :) 


I used HKD 469.30 discount by using Klook Promo Code which I have won during the Mother's Day Contest with Klook

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1:
- Flight to Hong Kong
- Arrival at Hong Kong
- Claiming of Tourist Octopus Card and Simcard at Kiosk A13 at the airport
- Travel to Mong Kok via A21 bus
- Check-in at Lucky Hostel
- Rest time
- Strolling around Ladies Market for souvenirs and money exchange in the evening.

Day 2
- Travel to Ocean Park Hong Kong via Bus
- Strolling around Ocean park until 6:00 in the evening
Buying of souvenirs
- Travel back to Hostel
- Rest time

Day 3
- Brunch at Jollibee (yey!)
- Travel to Hong Kong Disneyland via MTR.
- Strolling around Disneyland until 9:00 in the evening
- Buying of souvenirs
- Going back to the hostel
- Rest time

 Day 4
- Travel to Tung Chung Terminal via MTR (Cable Car Terminal)
- Claiming of Tickets at Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Terminal
- Travel to Lantau Island via Cable Car
- Strolling Lantau Island
- Climbing the stairs going Tian Tan Buddha
- Visiting Po Lin Monastery
- Eating Bean curd "taho" and fishballs
- Going back to Tung Chung Terminal via City Bus
- Travel to Garden of the stars via MTR
- Watching Symphony of Lights at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
- Going back to the hostel via City Bus


 Day 5
- Check-out at Lucky Hostel
- Travel to Ferry Terminal
- Getting of CotaiJet Ferry Tickets to Macau
- Travel to Macau for about 50 minutes
- Arrival at Taipa Ferry Terminal
- Riding a free shuttle bus to Macau ( Hou Kong Hotel)
- Check-in at Hou Kong Hotel
- Sight-seeing at night time at St. Paul's Ruins and Senado Square with a fellow kababayan.
- Going back to the Hotel

Day 6
- Day time sight-seeing around Macau
- Dessert exploration at My Sweetie with fellow kababayans. (Thank you for the treat)
- Rest time

Day 7 ( Quite a rainy day)
- Check-out at Hou Kong Hotel
- Walkathon to Macau Science Center
- Lunch at Cidade Restaurant
- Picture taking and sight-seeing at MGM
- Discovering Science at Macau Science Center
- Flight back to Manila

To learn more about my Klook experience. Please click below link: 
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Sources of transportation fare:
Click ---> City Bus / MTR

For directions with estimated fares:
Click --->  Rome2rio

So, that's all for my travel review, tips and budget information when touring around Hong Kong and Macau. Feel free to ask questions by commenting below. I'll be more than willing to answer your questions. :) Have great day ahead!

Chesca, the Critique