Colourette Colour Stick - Product Review

"Love at first swipe", it is the famous tag line of a new lipstick brand slowly taking the limelight for cosmetics. It says, with just one swipe, you'll be amazed with the effect on your lips.

Lately, I've been seeing photos and posts sharing how they fell in love with their new lipstick. Out of curiosity, I check the brand and the shades. Most of the pictures shows LilyMayMac, a Filipino internet sensation, wearing the lipstick. Ah! See is the endorser and model of the new lippie.

LilyMayMac, I like her so much that I even followed her on Instagram. I just love her lips and her beauty.

 Anyways, going back to my review....

Following my curiosity and the will to have LilyMayMac's same lippie. I searched for an online store to purchase a colourette. Luckily, someone I know, was an authorized reseller. So, I quickly PM'd her and left a message regarding the item. 

I bought my Colourette at Colourette by 3N Quezon City. One of the owner is Nica Dela Peña 

After a smooth transaction and FREE shipping. I got my own COLOURETTE! Woooh! Cute packaging! 


To check authorized resellers and distributors. Kindly check this site:

The Colourette costs Php 499.00. There are a lot of shades to choose from. Since, I am a lipstick hoarder, I indulged myself in purchasing the item. (thanks to my income generating businesses). The Colourette is distributed by Fairness and Flawless, manufactured in Angeles City,  Pampanga. 

Here are the shades available: 

  • Chelsea
  • Sahara
  • Bethany
  • Amari
  • Kendal
  • Charlotte
  • Harlem
  • Devon
  • Maui
  • Petra
  • Helena
  • Persia
  • Dakota

Colourette offers variety of shades from nude to darker shades. It has the creamy matte effect. Definitely, no cracking but long lasting. The smell is also creamy not like the vanilla taste of Nyx or Mac. 

Recently, they released their new shades the "Chocolat"

Based on the description, it smells like chocolate. Who wouldn't want to have these limited offer? These luscious temptations that are definitely hard to resist. As of now they are sold in boxes no individual orders yet. One box costs Php 2994.00. Included are the 6 shades of lipsticks and a free chocolate box. 

What are the organic contents of Colourette?

The verdict: 

  • Colourette is highly pigmented. That is why "love at first swipe" is definitely guaranteed to ladies. 
  • The creamy matte refrains the lips from drying. However, assures you of a long lasting effect. 
  • One of the best dupes of expensive lipsticks and lipcreams like: Mac, Inglot, Anastasia, Kylie Lip Kit, Estee Lauder, and more... So, if you are opting to buy a lipstick but cannot afford the price of well-pigmented and expensive lipsticks, I would suggest Colourette. 
  • Even though Colourette is a local brand, it has made its way into the competition. It can keep pace with other high-end and expensive brands. 
  • I like the creamy chocolate smell. Makes me want to swipe more. 
  • The price may be a bit high compared to Nyx, LA girl, Ever Bilena, or Essence. But the quality and it's high-coverage effect will definitely make your purchase worth it. 
  • With various shades available, you will be able to choose the best shade that will fit you. 
  • They also have a primer for lip prep and longer lasting effect. 

  • The simple yet elegant packaging really did a great job. Black for elegance. 

The swatch test

Selfie with Bethany

I recommend Colourette to all beauty enthusiasts and lipstick horders. You will never go wrong with Colourette. Buying it, also shows your support with local make up brands. 

For discounts:
Just say my name "Chesca", to get Php 50.00 off with your purchase. (one-time transaction only)

Purchase at Colourette 3N Quezon city. To get discounts. :) 

Chesca, The Critique