Klook - Discounted Tourist Packages - App review

I love traveling! I travel whenever possible but I always keep in mind to have limitations whenever I spend money for it. I usually book promo fare from LCC's and wait for the right time for sales to be advertised.

A few months ago, my friends and I planned to travel to Hong Kong. We were able to book cheaper tickets at Air Asia. Then, the planning started.

Traveling to Hong Kong could be a bit expensive because some of the items there are quite expensive and some attractions are also costly. So we had to plan well. Choose discounted travel packages and a bit cheaper Disneyland tickets. And even finding a good hostel where we can stay comfortably. We stayed in Ah Shan Hostel in Mongkok. (I will be reviewing this hostel soon...)

Then, one of my friend (Charm Suerte), was able to discover KLOOK. BTW Charm is a PMUA (Professional Make Up Artist). 

Now let's go back.... 

What is KLook?

- It is a one-stop shop for booking amazing travel experiences in selected countries. You can book online using your PC or download their Klook APP.

Our mission at Klook is to seek out only the best activities, presented to you on our beautiful website and app.
And to top it off, we'll always guarantee the best prices with our exclusive insider deals.
The world is out there, and it's #Yours To Explore

- It offers discounted prices for every travel packages and even combo packages.

So, there, we quickly check the rates of the the travel itineraries we are supposed to visit. We compare the Disneyland ticket prices with Klook ticket prices. Yes, we found out that it was a bit cheaper.

They also have meal vouchers combined with the packages. And you can choose in any of the restaurants inside. You can choose whether to redeem it at lunch or dinner time.

I bought a meal voucher along with my daughters Disney ticket. And well, I was able to satisfy ourselves with the big servings we got from the coupon.

We also booked in Klook to experience Peak Tram, Madamme Tussaud, and Sky Terra 428. Again, we were able to get discounts.

What I can say about Klook:

  • Booking in Klook is hassle free. 
  • Easy payment methods.
  • Cueing for the tickets is stress free because you will just show the bar code and get your tickets. 
  • Complimentary meal vouchers are really useful. Just choose something that is equal to HK$ 125 or higher than it. 
  • No need to print the vouchers. Just save the bar code and show it to the ticket releasing machine/ 
  • For Disney tickets with vouchers please print 2 tickets one for the meal voucher and one for the entrance.
  • For Peak Tram tickets, you have to meet the Klook agent at a specified place and be there 10 mins. before the tour starts. The agents will provide tickets and stickers as well as give instructions about the tour. 
  • Klook agents are accommodating. Why? We booked  the 6PM tour but we got to the Peak Tram station earlier, we saw the agent and asked if they could accommodate us for the 12 noon tour. They said they could not do it. However, they told us they can rebook us to 2PM tour. Yey! Thank you to the Klook agents. :) 
  • Klook offers a lot of discounted packages which can suite your traveling plans.
  • They also offer discount coupons for those who will download the APP. I was able to use the HK$ 25 off discount when I bought my Disney ticket. 

  • They have combo packages for bigger discounts.
  • If you have use the voucher, you will get credits which you can use in your next booking experience. 
  • If you made a review about the services and the App itself you will also get credits for it. And use it in the future. 

- I would like to recommend Klook to travelers  and people seeking for discounts. They offer instant services. Vouchers that are sent in an instant. They have nice agents and booking is hassle free. Klook is going to be your best travel aid. Download the app. 


Thank you for reading my blog review. I wish this is going to be helpful for you. 

Chesca the Critique