HairFix: Hair Coloring Shampoo - Product Review

Ola ladies! I'm back with another product review. In my previous post, I shared that I like changing my hair color. So, now I tried to use a new hair color product to change the hue of crowning glory.

I bought these items at Watsons yesterday. These items were on sale "BUY 2 TAKE 1". It costs around 69.00 php per sachet. I bought 2 sachets so I was able to get 1 for free. The product's name is HAIRFIX - Hair coloring shampoo.

Lately, hair coloring shampoos are becoming popular among women because it is more affordable, easy to apply, and less salon expenses. However, these hair dyes do not last longer compared to regular hair coloring products.

Some info about Hair Fix. I chose golden brown since, I want to see if this will work perfectly on my hair. IT'S AMMONIA FREE! Less irritating smell.

What's inside the kit?
  • hair coloring sachet 
  • pair of gloves 
  • coloring guide
  • instruction guide

The color guide:

The instruction guide: 

  1. Unpack and cut the hair coloring shampoo sachet in the corner. Wear the gloves and squeeze the contents in a container then mix. 
  2. Apply the mixture evenly on your slightly wet hair. Then massage from root to tips until it lathers. Avoid contact with eyes. 
  3. Keep it on your hair for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Add small amount of water into hair until it lathers. Rinse well with water.  

I tried using the item on my hair while carefully following the instructions. I revised the instruction there, in the instruction guide it says put on palm, since I have small hands, I just put the contents in a small container, then applied if on my hair. There were real bubbles from the items. During the process, I felt that my hair became thicker maybe because of the bubbles. Then, after rinsing my hair, I felt that my hair were coarse and a bit hard. So, I put keratin treatment cream to soften my hair. Then, I rinsed it again, now my hair is softer compared to before. 

Now, I'm just letting my hair dry and then I will take before and after pictures. Let's see how effective the product is. 

Now, here is the result! Well, I guess the product worked. My hair color changed a little. However, it was not able to color the black hair. Also, my hair now feels a little dry. I think I need to do some hair treatments after a week to lessen the dryness. Let's see after 10 weeks if my hair color will still be the same

I can recommend this product if you have bleached hair, because it will work better if hair is bleached specially for golden brown hue. 

Thank you for taking time to read my product review. 

- Chesca the Critique