Mamonde Rose Water - Product Review

What's your holy grail when it comes to skin care?

Two months ago I switched from Dr. Alvin's professional skin care formula to Mamonde Rose water. Dr. Alvin's professional skin care formula did its wonder on my face however, the longer I use it, the thinner my skin becomes and more blemishes keeps on appearing. So, I switched to a Korean product which is organic and milder.

Mamonde rose water is made of 90.89% Damask rose water and is alcohol free. Therefore, it has less chemicals and milder on skin. It smells like rose and soft on skin. I've heard that it has powerful moisturizing effect that is why I tried and tested it.

I bought this item online via Mei Satsuki a legit online seller of authentic Korean products. I was able to buy 2 150ml for the price of 680.00 (buy 1 take 1 sale!!!!!) 

So here are my two cents about the product:
1. The smell is very nice. Smells like rose, imagine putting rose petals in your face. So relaxing. 
2. It is really mild, no stingy feeling, not even hard on face. 
3. It leaves this soft texture on face. 
4. Really works well with oily face. I used to have oily face, but with this product, oiliness was reduced and normalized. 
5. Moisturizing effect really works like magic! It made my skin look fresh and glowing. 
6. Works perfectly for skin prep before putting make up, thus lessens clumping of foundation. 
7. This item is AMAZING!! I recommend it to all the ladies and gentlemen out there.

My face before using rose water: 
soooo oily!!!! pimples!!!

A month after using the rose water: 
I dab rose water every night. When I wake up my face isn't as oily as before. Glad to say, "I woke up like this!" (less oily)

After continued use... 

See the effects, my skin looks refreshed, feels softer and LESS OILY!!! 

Skin prepped using rose water before putting make-up:

Better make up coverage. It can also be used as setting spray after putting make-up.

I've searched other reviews on this product and here's what I discovered:

Ways to use the Mamonde Rose Water Toner:
1. After cleansing, use a cotton pad and saturate it with the toner. Use light sweeping motions.
2. Spray as a mist
3. Soak a sheet mask with this toner and use it as a soothing pack
4. Pour toner with a facial oil into a small bottle and use it as an oil mist. 7:3 ratio.
5. Soak a makeup sponge with the Mamonde Rose Water Toner and use it to apply your base/face makeup.


If you are looking for something organic and milder on skin, I recommend you to use this item. It's not that expensive and it is considered cheap in South Korea. But the effect is comparable to expensive skin care items. :) 

- Chesca the Critique


Thank you for reading my blog post. :)